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Why Libsyn? Because they rock!

Feb 13, 2018

While at Podfest Multimedia Expo in Orlando I had a brief chat with Rob Walch of Libsyn to thank him and his team for the amazing support they have provided us while launching our show. Libsyn's Podcast Page included with my hosting account saved us from a major league website failure the night before we announced our podcast "world premiere". 

ed is going crazy

My wife Shelley and I have a podcast called "Selling Sarasota" that we have been developing since last November and have spent the past few weeks promoting. We wanted to build up some excitement so instead of calling it a "podcast launch" we've been calling it a "world premiere" and we have been building up to doing this on Feb 9th at Podfest so we couldn't just put it off because of technical issues. The night before I was up until 4 a.m. attempting to get the new homepage for our Wordpress site that was going to replace our countdown splash page on the morning of the 9th. Our initial episodes were uploaded and ready to go but after working well leading up to the 9th our Wordpress site just would not cooperate. Trying to fix this major failure with my laptop on the excessively slow and unreliable hotel wifi was spiking my blood pressure.
Finally I decided to just use the "freebie website" from Libsyn as a back up position. Once I started working with it I found that not only was this an exceptionally good "freebie website" it was a quality feature all the way around. I uploaded some graphics, customized the colors, updated show notes, and added my Google Analytics account code - in less than an hour!
Relieved but still skeptical I decided to put the "freebie website" through a few tests for speed and mobile friendliness as well as checking it out on 2 computers, 2 phones, and a tablet and it passed my scrutiny with flying colors. I've been working in digital marketing and SEO for several years so I tend to be very critical about how well a website performs and the Podcast Page solution is impressive on all levels.
When we returned from Podfest I opted to have my domain linked to Libsyn's nameservers and have dumped the Wordpress site I spent a week designing. My only regret in now using Libsyn's Podcast Page is not having done this back in January so I could have used that time working our marketing our show. While this is an amazing feature to just be included with our account, there are a few very minor details with the Podcast Page that I am searching through their Knowledgebase to figure out.
Libsyn was definitely the right choice for hosting our podcast. Dave Jackson and Niel Guilarte were right to recommend them and I look forward to doing the same for anyone I know looking to start a podcast.