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Clean It Up! - How to get your home ready for sale.

What do we mean by 'clean it up'? 

Today Shelley shares her best practices of how customers should prepare their home for sale including removing clutter, giving the house a thorough cleaning, deodorizing, and clearing out overly crowded storage spaces.

A Closer Look - Should you get a pre-listing inspection?

"But why would we get an inspection before the house is on the market? Isn't that the buyers problem?"

In today's episode Shelley explains how a pre-listing inspection can help you avoid unpleasant surprises when selling your home.  She also explains the benefits of including a home warranty in the sale of your home.  Meanwhile Ed sits there...staring at the mixing board.  Just staring.  Nice job Ed.

Real Estate Agents - what can they do for you?

Today we kick off the new season with the first episode of our 2019 season.  Shelley gives you all the reasons you should hire a real estate agent (or REALTOR®).  Ed shares his news about becoming a REALTOR® struggles with why REALTOR® is spelled "REALTOR®".

Production note:  At the end of 2018 we finalized our production planning for 2019 (and beyond) and will have a new episodes every Wednesday with an occasional bonus episode. 

Happy New Year 2019!


We have had an exciting year in 2018 with some changes and challenges along the way.  In this week's episode we close out 2018 with a quick year in review with highlights including starting this podcast, Ed getting his real estate sales license, and us moving into a new home (and studio)!

Thanks to everyone who supported us with Selling Sarasota Podcast.  We are truly grateful for your help and friendship!  Looking forward to 2019!