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Ep 044 We Were on a BREAK!

We are BACK! We didn't mean to take a full year off, it just sort of happened. It wasn't you, it was us. In today's episode, we share a list of ridiculous excuses for why we were stopped recording our podcast (and a few of the actual reasons). Just the same, we are back to recording and will be putting out new episodes every week.

Ep 043 Shelley is out this week - time to EXPERIMENT!!!

Shelley is out this week recovering from her operation, so Ed has taken over the show and it has gone off the rails.

Please come back soon Shelley!

Here is what Ed did in Shelley's absence:

  • Streamed a FB Live episode of the show.
  • Recorded this episode with his various gadgets and gizmos.
  • Stripped out the audio and posted it here for your please.

Ed's lunacy aside we are working on some new directions for the show starting this summer so the next few weeks are not going to be anything like the previous 30+ episodes.

Please be patient and forgive us now for any temporary drop in show quality or the overall lack of consistency.  It will be better when we are done.

For the FB Live video please visit this link.

No episode this week due to surgery.

For anyone new to our show, recently we had an episode explaining Shelley's battle with breast cancer that started in June 2018, four months after we started this podcast.

Here is a link to that episode: Shelley's Battle with Cancer

The great news is that she is cancer free after her first surgery last October and follow up exams and treatments.  We got the final word that she is free and clear with no need for chemo or radiation treatments.  Tomorrow morning is her final surgery to complete the reconstruction process and with all the preparation at work and home, we just didn't have time to record and produce an episode of decent quality.

Shelley's recovery is estimated to take 2 weeks or so during which time I will be posting some previously recorded content and we are making plans to rework the show in May.

Please keep Shelley in your thoughts and prayers.

Ep 042 PodFest Multimedia Expo 2019

This was the best PodFest EVER!

Well, except Shelley wasn't there, so it had a major downside for Ed.  =(

This year PodFest was bigger with more speakers, more vendors, and more attendees than ever before!  If you are thinking about starting a podcast in 2019 then you need to join a local podcasters meetup, check out the PodFest Facebook group, and make plans to attend PodFest 2020 in Orlando!

Ed had the honor of speaking at PodFest on a panel with some amazing producers - John Largent, Danny Ozment, Carey Green, and William Howell! It was great to work with you guys!


Links for some of the highlights from PodFest 2019

Ep 041 Shelley’s Battle with Cancer

On February 9th we celebrated our 1st year anniversary in podcasting!  Though we had a great first year in podcasting, 2018 proved to be full of more challenges than we expected.

In June of 2018 our show's host was diagnosed with breast cancer. That is about the time we took our short hiatus.  Ed quit his day job selling for Mermaid Vodka to get his real estate license. We moved our home and studio very quickly.  What may have seemed like random chaos was so we could prepare for Shelley's treatment.

In October she had a mastectomy to remove her left breast which had two fairly large tumors. Fortunately, the cancer had not spread beyond her breast and her lymph nodes were clear so she did not require chemotherapy or radiation treatment.  From October through mid-January we did our best balancing our show, Shelley's recovery from surgery, and managing what was left of her growing real estate business.  There is no way we could have made it through all of this without the love and support of our friends and family or the amazing staff at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa.

As of now Shelley is nearly back up to full speed and she is on pace to have a record sales year.  (Ed keeps joking that her surgeon slipped a nuclear reactor in her implant.)  Since Ed really is not the person you want helping buy or sell your home he is in the middle of a job search for something in marketing or web development.

We are publishing this episode because when Shelley got her diagnosis we limited telling people who were directly affected by her illness.  We didn't really even know her long term prognosis until 2 months after her surgery when she was cleared by the oncologist as being cancer free with an extremely low probability of recurrence. Now that she is through the worst of it we wanted to be sure everyone who knows us has the full story behind the chaos that was the last half of 2018.


Why no episode this week?

Why was there no episode this week?

Due to Ed's extreme motivation in his job search, he forgot to edit our episode this week. (He didn't know it was Friday already today.)

We'll be back next week with a new episode!

Please enjoy one of our absolute favorite episodes from PodFest18 last year.



Hard to believe it's been a year!

Our first episode was released on Feb 9th 2018 which we launched while attending Podfest pod in Orlando.

To celebrate our first year as podcasters we decided to take a break from our normal format to discuss our first year in podcasting featuring some very kind words from the host of School of Podcasting, Dave Jackson!

Show links:

Ep 039 St Pete Podcasters

A great evening with St. Pete Podcasters!

This week we took a break from real estate to visit our friends Robyn Sayles and Diane Kutz of St. Pete Podcasters at their monthly meetup at Pinellas Ale Works!

We gave a short presentation about how we got started in podcasting including gear, software, and hosting services we use. We included a copy of our presentation deck as a download with this episode on our website.

If you live in the Tampa Bay / St Pete / Sarasota area and are a podcaster or interested in podcasting be sure to check out this excellent meetup!

Links from this episode:


Ep 038 Clean It Up! - How to get your home ready for sale.

What do we mean by 'clean it up'? 

Today Shelley shares her best practices of how customers should prepare their home for sale including removing clutter, giving the house a thorough cleaning, deodorizing, and clearing out overly crowded storage spaces.

Ep 037 A Closer Look - Should you get a pre-listing inspection?

"But why would we get an inspection before the house is on the market? Isn't that the buyers problem?"

In today's episode Shelley explains how a pre-listing inspection can help you avoid unpleasant surprises when selling your home.  She also explains the benefits of including a home warranty in the sale of your home.  Meanwhile Ed sits there...staring at the mixing board.  Just staring.  Nice job Ed.